Suicide of Saginaw Spirit player leaves unanswered questions

The tragic loss of 20-year-old Terry Trafford leaves an unanswered question of why he would take his own life.

The young Saginaw Spirit hockey player was found dead after being missing for more than a week. Officials with the team say he was sent home after disciplinary action, and after that no one heard from him.

"I mean that kind of pressure, to perform publicly is really intense,â?? said Nancy Johnson, Supervisor, Crisis Intervention Services, Saginaw County Mental Health. "Although being depressed may contribute to thinking about suicide, it's really not the primary factor in completing suicide. For youth, that primary factor is impulsivity,â?? said Johnson.

Johnson says in young adults or teens that's why it can be even more difficult to see signs. But she says anytime there's a big change in life suicide can be something anyone thinks about.

â??When you look at someone who's gone through a situation that they perceive as life altering, where you feel humiliated, like you may have let other people down, feeling devastated, overwhelmed, and then not really having the coping skills at that age to deal with such a tremendous life changing event,â?? said Johnson.

The question that often goes unanswered is exactly why it happened. Craig Voorheis lost his father to suicide seven years ago. He says he still doesn't have the answers.

"As you go through the grieving process, answering that question becomes less important. You move on to the missing, and just adjusting to the new life. It doesn't mean I accept it, doesn't mean I like it,â?? Said Voorheis.

For Craig to cope with his loss he's taken his story to others, in hopes of helping prevent suicides.

"One of the best ways to heal, at least for myself, is to help others, and in any situation we try to find the good in things,â?? Said Voorheis.

Johnson says talking about suicide can help. She says if you think someone might be thinking about suicide the best thing to do is to ask them. She says then make sure you help connect them with the resources available, like the 24-hour crisis lines. That number in Saginaw County is 989-792-9732.