Summer road maintenance could be affected by Winter weather


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Mid-Michigan is stretching county dollars that could affect road repairs when the mercury rises.


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ichigan roads

are in bad shape.



hey're horrible.
This year is one of the worst," said Express Auto manager, Joseph Kreger.



ike you're in a bus going down the road bouncing around.
It's horrible," said Rick Casey, Burton Auto Repair.

For auto repair businesses it means a lot of business.



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said Casey.

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suspension, brakes



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ustomers opening their wallets blame one thing




Doing some damage to the rims plus I had to get two new tires," said driver, John Dunlap.

A report

issued by transportation research group,
TRIP, reveals deficient roads across the state cost drivers $7.7 billion each year.

It's an issue affecting most motorists.



ersonally my vehicle is in the repair shop right now.
It's having a new front wheel put on and tonight I'm going to pay $500 and it's because of potholes and condition of the roads," said Michigan Department of Transportation director, Kirk Steudle.


funding from legislators, the conditions

, according to Genesee County leaders, could worsen if Winter's wrath does not subside.

Genesee County Road Commission director, John Daly said the county budgets enough money for two big Winter storms.

So far, he says, Genesee County has experience 1.5.



e're just starting to get into

it. I would expect there to be some impact on Summer maintenance operations. there will be some things we won't be able to do," said Daly.

Daly said some grass cutting and Summer maintenance work could be affected if the county has to use more dollars for Winter operations.