Sunny and warm then rainy and cool

More sun with a side of heat coming right up.

Unfortunately, not everyone will get to experience the warmest temperature in Mid-Michigan for several months.

Blame the wind, Lake Erie, and Lake Huron.

While we have sunshine in the morning as clouds roll in during the afternoon, a southeast wind will carry the frigid lake air back towards us.

Detroit for instance will struggle to get much higher than 50 because of this, although the sun and 50 on Tigers Opening Day is still pretty nice.

Plus the wind will be at Justin Verlanders back making his pitches even more blistering.

But that is Erik's department, what I am here for is to bring you the rainy news after the game.

Monday night showers will start to roll in, scattered at first, and then become more likely through early Tuesday morning.

We should get some sun in the afternoon.

Another system comes in Wednesday afternoon with showers followed by another on Thursday through Friday.

We clear up Saturday and Sunday to partly cloudy skies and if you take notice, all highs are finally above 40.

Overnights will have a chance to be icy because of the slight dip below freezing, right in the range where ice is at its slickest.

While the threat is still small and will be in small patches, heavier in rural areas, I still want to say be careful.

Drive carefully, please, do not forget that even though it is Spring ice and snow don't suddenly become less slippery.

We have made it all the way through a very brutal and slippery winter so lets make sure we get to summer without more accidents on top of that.

Overall though, the forecast looks good.

The rain will help thaw the ground a bit more and will make sure we don't go careening into a drought this summer.

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