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      Superintendents explain school closings

      To close or not to close?

      It's the question school district superintendents say they have been faced with more times this year than in years past.

      Seven weeks of Winter remain leaving plenty of time for Winter storms to strike Mid-Michigan.

      Cold t emperatures and record amounts of snow have already pushed many local school districts past the six days allotted for school closures .

      Wednesday marked the seventh snow day for many schools in Genesee County including here at Clio school district.

      " I n my entire education career I can never remember winter when we've had so much snow so much ice and just the sub zero temperatures. It's been difficult," said Genesee Schools superintendent, Kevin Green.

      Difficult to get kids in the classroom.

      " W e open the school doors when we can but certainly we want it to be safe for our kids , " said Green.

      When snow covers the roads and temperatures reach negative 20 schools have a decision to make explains superintendent Green.

      " A re the roads safe for buses to travel ? A re the conditions outside safe for kids to be at bus stops?"

      G enesee School District has decided seven times this school year, conditions have not been safe enough.

      Now the district and many others face making up missed time.

      "L et's say a district has gone over six day limit by two extra days then they're going to have to make up those two extra days later in the year , " said Bill DiSessa, Michigan Department of Education spokesperson.

      Schools are required to have 170 days of classroom instruction or 1098 hours.

      If Wint er presses on state legislators could forgive excessive cancellation s, however...

      " I t's a little too early for me to speculate what might happen with this year , " said DiSessa.

      But for W inter-weary educators warmer weather is month s away.

      "W e're at the end of January. We still have February and March to go," said Green.

      Schools are already examining how they plan to make up the extra days of canceled class.

      Some have built-in "insurance" days while others are looking at extending the school year but they say it's too early to be certain.