Superstorm Sandy in Mid-Michigan

Freezing temperatures and a mixture of rain and snow created dangerous road conditions.

Coupled with Sandy's winds, some drivers had a rocky morning commute.

"The accumulation even though it was minor while changing lanes we saw a lot of cars that went off into the ditch, off the freeway, or into the median because they were unable to control their vehicle,â?? said Michigan State Trooper Sarah Whitman.

"Just woke up this morning and the power had been out but it was restored by the time we had woke up,â?? said Davison resident John Hepburn.

Thousands of incoming and outgoing flights up and down the east coast were delayed and cancelled.

The good news, Bishop International Airport was hardly affected.

"We only had one cancellation of a united flight and there were about thirty people on board, other than that its business as usual,â?? said Pat Corfman of Bishop International Airport.