Survey reveals surprising drinking habits of men and women

Update: March 17th 8:50 a.m.

St. Patrick TMs Day celebrations continue this weekend.

Just remember getting caught drinking and driving means thousands of dollars in fines with the possibility of suspension or the revoking of a license.

According to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, binge drinking occurs when a man consumes five or more drinks, or a woman consumes four or more drinks in a short period of time.

In light of St. Patrick TMs Day being one of the most alcohol fueled days of the year, Yahoo released a new study that reveals the differences in the drinking habits of men and women.

The survey asked 2,000 Americans questions about their drinking habits, favorite kinds of alcohol, and the differences between men and women.

NBC25 stopped by the Cloverleaf Bar in Clio to see how accurate the findings are.

It TMs that time again, to toast to the Irish!

Everybody is proud to be Irish, is there anything else? said Sharon Duff, a patron of Cloverleaf.

According to a new Yahoo! Shine survey, St. Patrick TMs Day ranks number four as America TMs most popular drinking holiday.

I love St. Patrick TMs Day because everybody is out here having a great time, said Teri Anderson, a patron of Cloverleaf.

The survey finds women prefer wine, while men want beer over anything else.

Cool, crisp, refreshing, said Dennis Cooper, a patron of Cloverleaf.

Only 10% of women feel they need alcohol to have a good time compared to 18% of men.

I TMm not a drinker, I TMm a diabetic, I drink diet pop and have just as much fun as everybody else, and I TMll be here till close and I TMve been here since noon, said Darlene Knuth, a patron of Cloverleaf.

The survey also reveals men like to drink alone and women of course love to indulge with others.

To me it TMs kind of boring to drink by yourself, said Winifred Bishop, a patron of Cloverleaf.

But, the survey says women are less likely then men to get drunk in front of their co-workers.

I worked for a Bud distributor, so I wasn't the only one, there was more than just me, said Cooper.

Interestingly, one out of every four adults say they have never gotten drunk before, but on the other hand, two out of three adults say they got drunk before the legal drinking age.

And when it comes to how much is too much, 83% of adults say more than two, but that's not how these folks feel!

I TMd probably say six to eight, said Bishop.

In beer? 15, said Cooper.

And its women over men who will make sure these guys have a designated driver.

Overall, the results of the survey found an average adult drinks seven alcoholic beverages every week, and while most adults are responsible about their drinking, one in three has experienced negative effects of drinking.

The survey also found 28% of Americans don't drink at all.

Do you agree with this survey?