Survey shows 65% of Michigan residents give Pres. Obama a negative job rating

An EPIC-MRA shows President Obama TMs approval ratings have dropped significantly in Michigan.

According to the Associated Press, most Michigan voters surveyed by the Lansing-based polling company this month felt that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

The AP report states that in July, 25% of those polled felt the country was heading the right way, now the results say that only 14% agree.

Sixty-five percent are now giving President Barack Obama a negative job rating, that TMs up 5% from last month.

Dozens of NBC25 viewers have expressed their opinion on this story.

Kimberly Carter says, "I don't think this is very fair. Does everyone fail to see he is doing the best he can with a congress that is just setting him up to fail. If he pulled out the true preisdential power he could get things done right but then people would say that he was a communist because he could just go over the whole government process. I think we need to take a poll of how many people think our congressional house is doing. You don't hear much of the state house giving him such a problem. If you wanna talk about conspiracy i think you need to see the house is doing just that. I actually feel bad for the president."

Bob King states, "He was not qualified to be president in the first place. He has never passed anything or signed his name to a hot button bill....Why? so he could slide thorugh with no history to be used against him. Justs like the jobs jobs jobs speeches. You know what he is doing. He is telling his staff 'boys I am going on vacation' When I get back, have a jobs initiative ready and I will put my name on it. A president leads, not follows. He is just not qualified to get us out of this mess."

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