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      Survivor of Perry tornado surveys damage after a close encounter

      Uprooted and littered, Joyce Kingsley has a mess to clean up but she says that??s the least of her worries after a tornado touched down in her back yard.

      "Survived, yep this is what they call a survivor," said tornado survivor Joyce Kingsley.

      The tornado's destruction ends in Kingsley's back yard. A frightful sight even from a distance.

      "It was just bringing in clouds and rotating just changing," said eyewitness Nancy Robinson.

      Although short, the path of destruction turned ordinary objects into deadly projectiles taking aim on residents like Kingsley.

      "You could see the shingles flying up and off the roof of the church like they were being dealt off the roof it was incredible," said Robinson.

      After uprooting trees and gathering more debris from a billboard witnesses say Kingsley's home was next.

      "All of a sudden we just heard a kaboom, something hit the window," said Kingsley.

      Tornado victims call it an insurance nightmare. In Kingsley's case they were there before she knew it.

      "My insurance company decided to deliver their sign over here," said Kingsley.

      Kingsley shares a laugh now, now the storm has cleared and she's alive.

      "These are just things I still consider myself very lucky," said Kingsley.

      In 25 years Kingsley says she has survived a flood and a wildfire and she??s adding this tornado to her list.