Survivors remember deadly 1953 Beecher tornado

Wreckage left behind after the 1953 Beecher tornado.

The 60th anniversary of one of the deadliest tornadoes in U.S. history is Saturday and Beecher residents who survived it say they remember it as if it happened yesterday.

The F5 tornado hit June 8, 1953, killing 116 people and destroying nearly 350 houses. Victims ranged from 5 months to 80 years old.

At age 18, Leonard Brush was 18 and at his girlfriend's house when the storm hit. That was the last time the now-78-old saw his girlfriend, Pat Fender, alive. He says she will be 17 forever in his mind. Brush now lives in Pennsylvania. He woke up with a broken right leg on a mattress about 100 feet from where the house had been.