Suspect arraigned for four murders including 9-year old victim

Deonte Gray, 18, was arraigned Thursday on four different murder charges.

Flint police say Deonte Gray is responsible for the city's latest homicide as well as a triple homicide last month.

Family members of the victims are elated the cases are solved but they're left wondering---why?

Tthis man is out of here, we don't have to worry about sleeping at night no more,â?? says Yolanda Sanz, who lives at the Park West Apartments in Flint.

Sanz and other neighbors are breathing easier after the suspect behind four murders was arraigned Thursday.

Deonte Gray, 18, is accused of gunning down Greg Watkins, 29, on Saturday.

â??I couldn't believe it because I just said, why my son?,â?? recalls Watkinsâ?? mother, Callie Howell. Her son leaves behind two children.

â??To hear he got shot, that was like what, that couldn't be,â?? says WauNesha Sanders, Watkinsâ?? sister.

Gregoryâ??s sister and mother are wondering why his life was taken in a senseless act of violence.

â??I couldn't understand why someone would do something to my son,â?? says Howell.

Police say Gray is also responsible for a triple homicide at Flintâ??s Park West Apartments last July.

â??We found out that two males was killed and a child. It was a scary feeling for all of us because we couldn't even let our children out of the house because we didn't know if this man was still running loose,â?? says Sanz.

â??Thatâ??s crazy that he's just going around shooting innocent people,â?? says Sanders.

â??Now that he got (sic) caught is even better, we can sleep at night,â?? says Sanz.