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      Suspect dead after officer involved shooting in Saginaw

      Saginaw Police responded to the scene on Gallagher street in Saginaw late this afternoon

      One man is dead after being shot inside a home by a Saginaw Police Officer Tuesday afternoon on the city's east side.

      Saginaw Police were called to the home on Glenwood Avenue around 4 p.m. to investigate a breaking and entering complaint.

      Once they arrived, they found a man inside the home with a gun.

      Neighbors heard several shots ring out moments later.

      Since it is an officer involved shooting, the case has been turned over to Michigan State Police.

      Neighbors are left wondering what happened. A neighbor, Mrs. Jeffries, heard about the shooting when she arrived home this evening. She told NBC25 "I just thought, oh my God what is happening. Its really quiet and we don't have too much of any of this going on."Police are still investigating.