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      Suspect identified in 1985 murder of Flint store clerk

      Flint Police have identified 46-year old William Hoss as the suspect in the 1985 murder of 40-year old Darlene Paul through DNA testing.

      Hoss, who is a convicted murderer is serving time in a state prison.

      Investigators say Darlene was working in her store when she was killed. Police say Hoss entered Dalene's Market located on Corunna Road with a .44 Magnum and shot Darlene during a robbery on September 8th, 1985.

      Detectives say Hoss wounded himself with the gun and when he fled from the scene he left a trail of blood.

      "We have a match on that trail of blood. That hit, along with an eyewitness of the crime that can identify the suspect, we believe that this is the individual who committed the murder," said Leyton.

      That blood was collected and saved and when DNA testing was made available police submitted it.

      Hoss submitted a DNA sample as part of a new law that requires all state prisoners to submit DNA.

      Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton has charged Hoss with open murder and felony firearm.

      "This was a heinous crime. This was a hardworking mother of two that was minding her own business when this thug came in wheeling .44 Magnum and blew a hole through this woman for no reason whatsoever," said Leyton.

      Hoss is serving a prison sentence at the Macomb Correctional Facility in New Haven