Suspected child predator arrested after Homeland Security launches new app

With the tap of your smart phone, you can help the Department of Homeland Security find suspected child predators.

â??I think it's awesome,â?? says Sandie Lanford of Clio.

â??We want to be out on the cutting edge and leaning forward with respect to technology in our law enforcement efforts,â?? says Khaalid Walls, the public information officer for the Detroit office of the Department of Homeland Security.

This new technology is already helping law enforcement.

Mark Robert Austin of Swartz Creek arrested just a day after the launching of this app.

â??Last November, Homeland Security special agents executed a search warrant at his home and found some suspected child pornography on the computer in his possession and on his smart phone,â?? says Walls.

Officials hope more tips through the app lead to more arrests.

â??We have one specific goal in mind, to make the world a smaller place for suspected child predators,â?? says Walls.

â??Itâ??ll make it easier for people to find out who is around them and where the predators actually live,â?? says Lanford.

The app is free for download and is available in the ITunes store by clicking here.