Suspects behind Saginaw BB gun drive-by shootings on the loose

Kristen Bohlken shows the bruise she recieved from a BB gun shooting.

There have been two shootings in five days on Saginaw's southwest side but the suspectsâ?? weapon of choice is a bit different---police and neighbors say, it's a BB gun. Now, Saginaw Police are asking for the publicâ??s help in tracking down the suspects.

While no one has been seriously injured by the BB gun shootings, Saginaw Police say what the suspects are doing is considered a felony and neighbors simply want it stopped.

â??Itâ??s really quiet, no problems anywhere,â?? says Susan Bentley. She and Kristen Bohlken say it was a typical peaceful day on Mackinaw Street until her bruise happened.

â??It felt like my leg was on fire. It was burning really bad. I was wearing blue jeans,â?? recalls Bohlken. â??It went through my blue jeans and left a giant bruise on my leg."

After hearing noise outside, the two women went to see what was going on---then they were shot.

Bohlken got the worst of it but Bentley is equally angry.

â??I hope they get what they deserve and I only wish no one gets hurt from this---really bad (sic) injured,â?? says Bentley.

Police say they're looking for two black men driving a dark colored Pontiac who they believe are responsible for the shootings.

â??If it could have hit one of the kids that were outside or anywhere like that, it could've been a lot more (sic) worse,â?? says Bentley.

Police were not available for comment Friday but issued a lookout alert on Facebook saying they also believe the pair is responsible for an incident on South Fayette Street.

â??I hope somebody else doesn't get it worse,â?? says Bentley.

If you have any information on these BB gun shootings, give the Saginaw Police Department a call at 989-759-1229.