Swartz Creek teachers support fellow teacher by donating sick days

Swartz Creek neighbors are raising money for teacher Chris Carney with a spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

The 45-year old teacher was just released from the hospital after a month-long stay while fighting cancer.

More than 60 of Carney's fellow teachers have donated their sick days to him---totaling more than 160 days.

While Carney will soon go on disability and not be able to use all the sick days, neighbors say it's a sign of their unyielding support for the elementary school teacher.

â??We wanted to decide how could we help them, we can't cure the cancer but we can pull together this huge benefit and just relieve the financial burden that comes with loosing a whole income,â?? says Heather Holtz, who helped organize the spaghetti fundraiser held Sunday.

Carneyâ??s wife also works in the Swartz Creek district.

You can make a donation online

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