Tall Ships make temporary homes in Bay City

History sails into Bay City as the Tall Ships celebration kicked off this Thursday afternoon.

A fleet of ten ships ushered by the U.S. Coast Guard made their way down the Saginaw River.

It is the start of a four-day celebration allowing visitors can get a close up look at the ships.

Hundreds of spectators lined the Saginaw River to greet the ships that have been described as majestic and breathtaking.

This was Marilyn Hill's first time experiencing the Tall Ships, "Wow! They are beautiful reminds me of history books."

The event draws people of every age and from near and far.

"I'm down by Knoxville. We came down here, we've never seen ships this big before," said Dalton Crouse.

The festival opens again Friday morning at ten with tours of the Tall Ships.

Tickets cost: $10.

For the schedule of events, click here.