Tall Ships: The Madeline through time

NBC 25's Brett Dickie and photojournalist Mike Horne had the opportunity to board one of the magestic tall ships.

They journeyed on the Madeline from Tawas to Bay City.

Along the way, they learned a lot about the history of the ship.

The original Madeline was built in 1845.

A replica was made in 1985 and completed in 1990.

The orginal schooner was made to transport salt, salted fish and other cargo north and south.

"It was the commerce, it brought what needed to be brought around to the lakes. We didn't have roads, the only way to get goods to communities was through boats like this so I call them the 18-wheelers of the 1800's," said First Mate, Pete Van Berlo.

The Madeline has ties to the Edmund Fitzgerald ship--infamous for sinking in the Great Lakes in 1975.