Tanisha Colton's boyfriend charged with her murder

Tanisha Colton's boyfriend is now charged with her murder but prosecutors say Henry Conner didn't stop there. They say he also drugged the couple's children and stole Tanisha's identity before ditching her body.

The Nappier family filled the court room Friday to hear what they say they knew all along.

â??I suspected all the time that it was him,â?? says Ida Nappier, Tanishaâ??s grandmother. â??No doubt about it,â?? she adds.

Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton says the couple argued the night Colton disappeared. He says Tanisha was accusing Conner of sexually assaulting one of their children.

â??Tanisha goes to sleep and while she's sleep she is killed by Henry Connor,â?? says Leyton. â??It's likely an asphyxiation or suffocation,â?? he adds.

Leyton says Conner then stole Tanisha's credit card and headed for Toledo with the three children but Conner made a stop along the way.

â??Mr. Connor had, after going in a store, had come back out and made them drink, what the little girl called, a yucky green liquid,â?? says Leyton.

That yucky green liquid was NyQuil and sleeping pills. Leyton says Connor drugged his children, hoping they wouldn't remember where he got rid of their mother's body.

Tanishaâ??s body was found in a ditch in Monroe County two weeks after her disappearance.

Her family combed Genesee County looking for her. Now, they're looking for justice.

â??That's the main thing too. I hope he don't (sic) never get out,â?? says Nappier. â??Just stay there,â?? she adds.

Conner was already in the Genesee County lock-up on charges of unpaid child support. Heâ??s not going anywhere anytime soon, he's being held with no bond on these new charges.