Team works to make up for stolen funds

After losing more than $20,000 in funds, a local baseball travel team is inching closer to raising the money they need to keep kids on the field.

Last week, NBC 25 reported the Cyclones Baseball Team lost thousands of dollars after they say one of their coaches went missing with the team's savings money.

Through community support and a carwash, Saturday, team members are closer to making up for the lost funds.

The car wash was held, Saturday at Al Serra Honda in Grand Blanc.

Coaches say the stolen savings account was to be used for tournament fees, gear and insurance for the kids.

Coach, Larry Green, says he's proud of the kids for getting through a tough time.

"We have set a couple goals and we are getting close to that and we are really thankful for everything everyone has done and moving forward here with our season and we are very grateful for everything everyone has done," said Green.

The Cyclones have not missed any time on the diamond.