"Tear Down" uplifting to Flint community

Author, Gordon Young celebrates the launch of his book.

After spending 20 years on the West coast, a Flint native returns home sharing the stories of the City of Flint in the pages of a new book.

Author and 20-year-journalist, Gordon Young celebrated the launch of his book, Tear Down: Memiors of a Vanishing City.

Young moved back to Flint from San Francisco to purchase a house and "rediscover the city."

He said in his travels he noticed many cities were dealing with the same issues Flint was such as blight, crime and poverty.

His book, however, highlights the people making a difference.

"What I found when I got back to Flint was that there's still a lot of inspiring stories in this city even though there's a lot of well-documented problems in Flint. I find a lot of hope and a lot of inspiration here and that was really the most gratifiying thg about the book was all the people I got to meet who haven't given up on the city yet and i haven't either," said Young.

Young said he plans to continue to write about the City of Flint.