Teen job fair sustains Flint's future

A teen job fair is hiring hundreds of teenagers. After completing special after school training with the Flint-Genesee Chamber Of Commerce the teens are ready for summer employment.

The Teen Quest Summer Youth Initiative gives area teens the tools for succeeding in the workplace.

In Flint, jobs are few and far between but the chamber of commerce is hopeful their program will employ and keep Flint's youth here in Genesee County.

"Hunting for a job is really hard because there isn't too many jobs," said 19-year-old Dwight Hairston.

Hairston and 1,100 other teenagers are interviewing for summer jobs with 17 prospective employers including Catholic Charities.

"Itâ??s critical for us as a program to be able to get quality teens to help us," said Catholic Charities Director of Programs Jon Manse.

The teenagers are part of the county's Teen Quest Program that teaches them conflict resolution, and how to communicate in the work place.

"This way we can interview them, they already have the skills and we can start the program with teens that are already trained," said Manse.

"We ensure that our community remains strong and that we have growth here and young people that stay here," said Rhetta Hunyady from Flint-Genesee Chamber of.

For Hairston, the teen job fair is the first step to getting a job and sticking around to grow in his hometown.

"College and all, after college hopefully get an even better job and that will help me in the future," said Hairston.

The chamber of commerce stresses. This isn't just a youth job fair. Efforts like this are about securing Genesee Countyâ??s future and building a stronger population.