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      Teen who confessed to New Years Day shooting charged as an adult


      A Flint teenager who allegedly shot and killed his friend on New Years Day will be charged as an adult.

      The Genesee County prosecutor says 16-year-old Shukur Terome Brown shot and killed 15-year-old Gianni Herron in the basement of a home on N. Chevrolet Avenue in the early morning hours of Jan. 1.

      Brown is charged with second-degree murder, possession of a short-barreled shotgun, possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver and felony firearm.

      Brown will be arraigned in 68th District Court Tuesday.

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      "I want to say I am sorry, I'm sorry for shooting him, I did shoot him, it was an accident, we were playing around all night,â?? said the teenager.

      A tearful confession is helping police piece together the New Yearâ??s Day shooting of a flint teenager.

      Pastor Robert McCathern says the alleged shooter is a long standing member of joy tabernacle and has no criminal history.

      "I baptized him some years ago and that is why he came to me. And suggested himself that he turn himself in,â?? said McCathern.

      After speaking in front of media and family the teenager was taken into custody by the flint police department.

      My son was not a killer he loved everybody and i hate this had to happen and i am sorry for what happened to your son,â?? said Sabrina Bartee.

      A few blocks from joy tabernacle church where police witnessed the confession. The family of slain 15 year old gianni herron is still seeking answers.

      "It has been days and i have not even been able to identify if this is my child." Said Angela McClendon.

      McClendon says the alleged shooter was friends with her son had plans to be with him the night of his death.

      Because of incidents in the city the Flint Police Department has not commented about any official charges against the alleged shooter.