Teenager charged with robbing & raping 87-year old grandmother

Denzel Berry was arraigned in Flint city court Wednesday afternoon. The 18-year old faces life in prison for allegedly raping and robbing the 87-year old woman back in October.

The 18-year old was linked to the case through DNA testing. He was already behind bars for allegedly robbing a Mount Morris Township bank.

Heinous, disgusting and sickening---That's how prosecutors and neighbors describe the alleged crimes of Denzel Berry.

â??Well, it's pretty hard to believe that anybody would do such a despicable act. I mean, Iâ??ve never seen anything like this,â?? says David Leyton, prosecutor for Genesee County.

"For a 17-year old to do this, I mean, didn't he have a mother? My goodness,â?? says Robin Camp, a neighbor of the victim.

Police say back in October, Berry was 17-years old when he attacked an elderly woman while she was unloading groceries on Reynolds Street.

â??He accosted her, he knocked her down,â?? says Leyton. â??It's bad enough he stole her belongings but then to go and sexually assault an 87-year old, that's pretty sick.â??

Just weeks after the attack, Berry was arrested for allegedly making away with $30,000 from a Mount Morris Township bank.

DNA testing from the bank robbery pinned Berry to the attack.

â??We got a hit because we had a rape kit from the victim so then we knew we had our suspect,â?? says Leyton.

The victim has since moved. Neighbors are relieved police made a break in the case.

â??To do something like this to an elderly person like this, I am so glad that they have him off of the streets,â?? says Camp.

Michigan law says a 17-year old can be charged as an adult which is the case here.

Berry is being held without bond.