Teens who have consensual sex will no longer be put on the sex offender registry

Tim McCann was put on the sex offender registry when he was 17 for having sex with his 15 yr. old girl friend.

Update: April 12th, 2:05 p.m

The changes to the bill also state that sex offenders now must provide their social security numbers, passport information, email addresses, vehicle information, and employer information on the registry. The governor says this complies with federal law and will help law enforcement better keep track of offenders.

Governor Rick Snyder has signed a law that changes how teens will be reported on the Michigan sex offender TMs registry.

Gov. Snyder TMs staff sent out a statement saying, Michigan had to make the changes or else risk losing a portion of the federal funds for law enforcement the state currently receives through the Justice Assistance Grant Program.

In the new changes, Michigan now has a tiered system for sexual crimes involving minors. Those who commit serious offenses will still be placed on the sex offender registry, and will remain there their entire life.

Other non-dangerous offenders, who have committed consensual sex while under-age, will no longer be convicted of statutory rape.

This is important legislation because it makes sure Michigan gets its full share of critical federal support for local law enforcement activities that keep our communities safe, Gov. Snyder says. These changes make sure the registry is used to better identify and protect the public from dangerous predators.

In May of 2010, NBC25 TMs Jenny Suniga did a report on 23-year-old Tim McCann of Bay County. If you look up his name, you TMll find it on the sex offender registry. His crime was that he had a consensual sexual relationship with his child TMs mother, Shannon Abbe. The problem was that he was 17-years-old, and she was 15-years-old. Even though both families tried to fight the criminal charges, he was placed on the offender registry.

Several years later, McCann TMs still feeling the consequences. He will remain on the registry until the 25 year sentence is completed. You can read Tim McCann's story by clicking here.

This new law will prevent cases like from being punished as severely in the future.

We want to know how you feel about the changes. Do you think it is too lenient? Does it encourage underage sex? Should these laws have been changed a long time ago? Leave us your comments below and on the NBC25 Facebook page.