Testimony ends in Brandon Hayes trial

Dominick Calhoun

Testimony has ended in the murder trial of Brandon Hayes in Genesee County.

The jury won't begin deliberations until Thursday, but Tuesday the family of the four-year-old victim Dominick Calhoun is calling for the death penalty, which Michigan doesn't have.

Tuesday brought the last day of testimony in the case of Brandon Hayes. Hayes is accused of savagely beating and torturing Dominick Calhoun in April 2010. As the case nears it end the family of the young boy is calling for capital punishment. The boys aunt Melanie Calhoun says, " I would like to see torture to be perfectly honest, that is my feeling, eye for an eye."

Dominick's aunt, Melanie Calhoun is calling for death even before the jury decides whether or not brandon hayes is actually guilty. Calhoun says she's seen and heard enough saying, " I think that he should die in the manner that Dominick died and that would be the only true punishment that would be acceptable for what he has done."

The strong statements come just after the last few witnesses finish testifying on behalf of the defense among them Dominick's grandmother Julie Baker. She told lawyers that her daughter, Corrine Baker, has struggled with drug abuse since age 13. She also testified that she had tried to convince her daughter to take the young boy for medical treatment the night the beatings allegedly first started taking place but Corrine Baker refused. The grandmother also admitted that she had tried to obtain custody of Dominick in the past believing that her daughter was neglectful. As the end of this trial approaches the family of Dominick Calhoun says they're ultimate goal is to have Brandon Hayes off the streets. His aunt says the family is ready to move on and get past these horrible memories.