Thanksgiving traveling optimism

Traffic along I-75 through Birch Run has been steadily flowing throughout the day and as we continue into the night. However, further up the road construction could slow traffic tomorrow from Saginaw onto the Zilwaulkee Bridge. Today drivers say it wasn't too bad.

"So far it's actually been pretty good no back ups. At least not this far, so far good travels,â?? said Christopher Reinhart.

AAA Michigan estimates more than a million Michiganders will travel more than 50 miles this Thanksgiving.

"I don't think it will get too bad. I think people are going to get where they need to be real soon,â?? said Joe Stepaniek.

"I have my three children Greyson, Megan and Duncan and were heading up to grandma's house for dinner,â?? said Scott Temple.

While traffic may not play a role in this years trip. Climbing holiday gas prices may keep the stuffing off the table.

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For travelers taking to the air the forecast at Bishop International looks good.

"We do have a new wing and we actually have larger aircraft coming in today just so we can have a few additional seats on air tran airway,â?? said Pat Corfman.