The 80's return to Frankenmuth for Bringin' Back the 80's Festival

With the thunder of electric guitars and druims, the 80's have returned to Frankenmuth.

"I'm a product of the 80's" says Lori Rodgers.

The event featurs everything the decade has to offer including a chance to dance, play, and reminisce.

"I love the loud everything, it's just a blast" says Lori.

"You can have a great beer, music, you can wear whatever you want".

"The first time we had so much fun that we just had to come back for a second time" says Mike Rader.

80's fest is now in it's 10th year and it just keeps getting better.

"It started slow 10 years ago but every year its grown tremendously and we actually plan to sell out this weekend" says Jeanna Rogner the event President.

Rocking out to heavy metal hair bands, break dancing, and playing retro video games is only part of what makes the festival exciting.

The other half, is the clothes and costumes.

"It was something we had been thinking about for a couple years" says Joshua Stephens who dressed up with his friends as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

"When they came to me they already had 4 turtles and I said I don't want to be Splinter so I went as Shredder" says Joshua Stephens, another member of the group.

Yet behind all the rock and neon is the heart warming reason the festival even began.

"I decided that I wanted to do a fundraiser for my mother who passed away from cancer when she was 43 and that was in 1999. I went to a convention for festivals, saw an 80's band and I thought that's it that's the theme I'm going to do" says Jeanna.

Money raised this weekend goes to benefit the American Cancer Society and cancer research.

"I thought it was the perfect fit" says Jeanna.

Some fun for a good cause, giving people a chance to relive part of their youth.

The event continue Saturday from 4pm-midnight and is open to anyone 21 years old or over.