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      The Bridge Church hosts family fun day

      The Bridge Church is celebrating three years of serving the community with a family fun day.

      Recent troubles are keeping the church from holding service in their building, but that??s not stopping them from giving back to the community.

      ??Being out here with my church family and being able to reach out to the community which has been our heart from the very get go. It??s just to reach out and love people,?? said church choir member Candi Beamer.

      The Flint Township Fire Department showed up to the event to show children their tools and truck.

      ??All the kids enjoy it. We put them in the fron seat and they get to take pictures and the kids really enjoy that part of it,?? said Cpt Loren Colbert of the Flint Township Fire Department.

      Aside from family fun day the church is keeping one issue in mind. They are still unable to go into their building because of fire code. Church officials say once the blueprints are complete construction will take about two days. But raising the money for the changes will be difficult.