The El Reno Tornado and the Spotter Network

The El Reno tornado is now known as the widest tornado on record in the U.S at 2.6 miles wide.

For those who chase, this particular storm has become a memory of the challenge it was not only on their skills, but their emotions as well.

Whacky Rat was able to use GPS recordings from the Spotter Network through the time of touchdown to indicate not only the amount of chasers involved, but how close they were to danger.

Each arrow is the actual position of an individual chaser as they followed this storm, and the wide white circle is the path of the twister.

The video also shows the extremely tight turn the tornado made which cost the lives of chasers Paul and Tim Samaras, as well as their chase partner Carl Young.

These men were not only known for their videos taken during chases, but from their scientific discoveries as well.

As a tribute, which you can watch in the second video supplied by Whacky Rat, is a formation of actual chasers to create the initials of Paul, Tim, and Carl.

The amount of chasers required was quite large as the tribute spans 3 states and serves as a reminder of how close members of the Spotter Network are to each other.

Although information supplied by the Spotter Network is used by the National Weather Service on occasion, the network is not affiliated with the NWS.

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-Meteorologist Ahmad Bajjey