The Eli Foundation teams up with NFL athlete

Trina Florence-King is the mother of Eli Florence, the young man from who was chosen homecoming king at Lake Fenton High and made his mom promise to help others struggling with Leukemia.

"Eli's dreams were really big and he spoke the foundation into existence. Eight days before he passed he asked me to get a pencil and paper so I could write down what was on his heart for me to do with the rest of my life.,â?? said Florence-King.

Eli told his mom he wanted ten families dealing with situations similar to his to receive $2,000 dollars a month during their protocol. And now Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris is looking forward to being part of Eli's dream.

"After Alfred writing that letter of consideration and telling me how much it would mean to him to be part of the Eli Foundation it was god inspiring,â?? said Florence-King.

Trina has been on the sidelines with Morris and in the stands with his mother in his sensational rookie year. All the while wearing Eliâ??s number 46 high school jersey. Itâ??s the same number Morris wears on game day. Itâ??s all making Eliâ??s vision a reality.

"One night he said mom, It's about the moment they have nowhere else to look except up and your there, my mom's there. That's what the Eli Foundation means,â?? added Florence-King. "I knew we would get here, I didn't know it would be a football player. I wasn't sure exactly how it would look but I knew the world would get to share Eli's vision somehow someway.â??