The Hill or The High? Saginaw school board must close one high school

Will it be â??The Hillâ?? or â??The High?â??

The Michigan department of Education approved the Saginaw school boardâ??s get-out-of-debt plan Tuesday but the plan mandates yet another school closure. With just two traditional high schools in Saginaw, school board members are left with the tough choice of closing either Arthur Hill High School or Saginaw High School.

â??I think it sucks, really,â?? says Barbara Harriston, whose children graduated from Saginaw High School.

â??We just don't need the two buildings to house the number of high school students we have,â?? says Sue Rutherford, who represents the Saginaw Teachers Union.

The district has been down this road before.

Last winter, officials decided to close down Saginaw High School but kept both schools open after parents were outraged with the plan.

Now, they have no other option.

â??We really have right-sized the district,â?? says Rutherford. â??We keep calling it downsizing but we need to recognize that we are right-sizing the district."

Right-sizing meant closing several elementary and middle schools and giving teachers a six-percent pay cut to pay the down $7 million debt.

â??Thatâ??s a huge number,â?? says Sylvia Keller. â??How does it even get that far?"

â??Somebody was not taking care of business,â?? says Harriston. She canâ??t imagine Saginaw with one traditional high school.

Now, she's hoping for a miracle.

â??Theyâ??ve closed many schools but Saginaw High, come on,â?? says Harriston.

Saginaw also has a non-traditional high school called The Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy.

NBC25 reached out the Saginaw superintendent Wednesday but our calls were not returned. A school board member tells NBC25 News that officials are waiting until Count Day to make a decision.