The rain will fall, more snow will melt

At least 1" of snow has remained on the ground in Flint since December 9th, 2013.

Although snow has been on the ground for 100 days in a row in Flint, this streak will likely end soon.

Two inches of crusty snow remained on the ground on an open field at Flint's Bishop Airport this morning.

That's where official snow depth measurements are taken.

A high of 47° today melted much of the remaining snow, especially in sunny areas like the one described above.

With temperatures generally remaining above freezing tonight, the official snow depth measurement will likely fall below the 1" mark for tomorrow's official measurement in Flint.

This could mean that our streak of consecutive days with snow on the ground will come to an end.

Rain developing early Wednesday morning will continue to melt the remaining snow into the afternoon.

Although more snow is likely on Wednesday night as this weather system moves east, significant accumulations look unlikely.

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