The search continues for Tanisha Colton

It's been 11 days since anyone has seen or heard from Tanisha Colton. This weekend, people came out to help find Tanisha.

â??It's hard ya know, so we're just coming together,â?? says Marquel Sadler, Tanishaâ??s cousin.

Neighbors, friends and family members are coming together to find Tanisha Colton. The 27-year old was last seen March 13th.

â??Mother of three, devoted mother of three. She was all about taking care of her kids,â?? says Sadler.

This weekend, people fanned out across Flint looking for any signs of Tanisha.

â??We have a lot of fliers that we're putting up all over the community, everywhere around Flint. We have fliers in the store, wherever there are people so we can get her face out there,â?? says Curtis Nappier, Tanishaâ??s uncle.

The search effort has continued online as well. A family friend created a Facebook page, â??Where is Tanisha Colton?â??

â??They give out a lot of information on where they be searching at and if anyone wants to get involved in the search and we appreciate it dearly,â?? says Nappier.

Created on Thursday, the page already has close to 4,000 likes. Family members hope those likes translate to more information about where Tanisha might be.

â??We just want her to come home,â?? says Nappier. â??We miss her,â?? he adds.

If you have any information on Tanisha's whereabouts, please give the state police a call.