The secret behind sushi

When you think of the Redwood Steakhouse off Hill Road in Mundy Township, your thoughts probably turn to a mouthwatering fillet mignon. Or perhaps a glass of the craft beer they brew onsite. But sushi? Redwood has sushi? Absolutely says sushi chef Joee Towne. He's a graduate of Carman-Ainsworth High School who's becoming known as a master with sushi. It takes a lot of preparation. And as Joee likes to say, "'s all about fresh". So what are his secrets? Start with market fresh ingredients and some patience.

Chef Joeeâ??s Sushi Recipe

Sushi Starter Pack (Available at Specialty Stores)

Nori Seaweed Sushi Wraps

Bamboo Reed Sushi Rollers

6 oz Japanese cup

Cooking Utensils and Implements

Latex Gloves

Cutting Board

Sharp Knife

Small Rice Cooker

2 Mixing Bowls

1 Wisk

1 Spatula

1 Large Pot

Food Ingredients

Medium or Short Grain Rice

Toasted Sesame Seeds

Olive oil

Eel Sauce

Sriracha Chili Paste (Ethnic Food Section at Local Food Stores)

Kewpie Mayo or Japanese Mayo (Ethnic Food Section at Local Food Stores)

Wasabi Peas (Ethnic Food Section at Local Food Stores)

Approximately 6 oz of Tuna and 6 oz of Salmon

Small amount of Butter flied Shrimp

Rice Wine Vinegar

Brown Sugar

Kosher Salt

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The Rainbow Roll (All Weights are Approximate)

3 oz of Tuna

3 oz of Salmon

3 Butter flied Shrimp

¼ of an Avocado

The Green Envy Roll

4 Full Sticks of Asparagus

2 oz Wasabi Peas

3 oz of Tuna

3 oz Salmon

Sushi Rice

2 (6 oz) Cups of a Medium or Short Grain White Rice

2 (8oz) Cups of Water

The easiest way to prepare the rice is with any normal rice cooker. Place the desired amount of rice (in this case 2 (6 oz) cups of medium or short grain white rice). Rinse the rice with cold water while sifting with your fingers throughout the rice until the water is clear. Then ensure the desired amount of water is added (in this case the 2 (8 oz) cups of water). Place the inner rice pot into the rice cooker and program for white rice. Once cooker is finished, leave the lid closed for approximately 5-7 minutes, giving the rice enough time to steam.

*While rice is cooking, start to prepare the Sushi Vinegar Seasoning

Sushi Vinegar Seasoning (Correct Amount for Rice Recipe)

*Sushi Vinegar Seasoning can be purchased at most ethnic food stores, but it can also be made at home.

3 Tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar

2 Tbsp of Brown Sugar

2 Tsp Kosher Salt

1 Tsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Boil water in a large pot. Place ingredients into metal mixing bowl and place bowl on top of pot. Stir the entire time and do not let the mix boil. Once the sugar and salt dissolve, the seasoning is complete.

After the rice has finished cooking and steaming, flip the rice into a mixing bowl and pour entire Sushi Vinegar Seasoning mix on top of the hot rice. Incorporate (cut vinegar into rice) seasoning with a spatula and do not over mix. Let the mixture cool to room temperature before use.

Sriracha Mayo

Mix 3 Tbsp of Kewpie Mayo with every 1 Tbsp of Sriracha Chili Paste