The Year of the Mid-Size Truck begins in Flint

The new V6 engine in the Chevy Colorado.

General Motors is selling the Colorado to the public as everything you would expect from the North American Truck of the Year Silverado, except inside the smaller Colorado. GM is confident that it can make a smaller version of the award-winning truck because the Colorado's V6 is being made under same roof as the Silverado.

The reinvention of the mid-sized truck is starting under the hood and in Flint.

The Colorado will sport a 3.6 liter V6 engine, which Chevy calls a power trip.

Chevy's goal with the Colorado is to offer customers the best of both worlds. It performs like a truck, and has all the amenities car owners have come to expect.

The EPA miles per gallon on the Flint-made V6 are not out yet; however, Chevy is expecting gas consumption to resemble the rest of the truck; a bang for your buck and easy on your wallet.

The Colorado is expected to be the at the forefront of what auto insiders are calling "the year of the mid-size truck."

Flint engine will start production on the V6 later this month.