Thieves break into Holly Bowling Lanes; leave behind candy trail

Holly Lanes

What could have been the worst day of Brian Aubuchon's life turned into a comedy of errors.

â??To come and walk into this when you're trying to give back into the community is just devastating,â?? says Aubuchon.

After months of renovations, Brian says thieves crashed through the roof.

â??We go to review the video and it just starts getting funnier and funnier and funnier,â?? says Aubuchon.

First, the criminals go for the televisionsâ??guess they didnâ??t see a chair in the way.

â??Itâ??s so funny that it almost takes the pain away from that you're building something for the community and they're trying to destroy it,â?? he says.

The vending machines were smashed while the thieves go after the sweet stuff.

â??They stole $700 worth of candy,â?? says Aubuchon. â??These two clowns are the dumbest criminals on the face of the planet,â?? he adds.

They must have been some thirsty clowns because they needed a pop break.

â??Theyâ??re falling all over the place, bumbling all over the place,â?? says Aubuchon.

The suspect's even stole chef aprons, wearing them while the security camera gets a better view of one suspect donning a hoodie and a Detroit Lions hat.

â??Somebody knows these guys and we want to get them,â?? he adds.

If you know anything about this crime, give Michigan State Police a call.