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      Thieves rob senior citizen, then shoot up his car

      Police need your help finding the armed and dangerous thieves who targeted a senior citizen Tuesday night in Buena Vista Township.

      It is scary. Something needs to be done and fast, said Tonya Thomas.

      Thomas says it happened at her home near Cherry and 31st Street around 8:00 p.m. She says her landlord told her as he walked from her home to his car, masked men approached him and tried to rob him. She TMs not certain what they got from him.

      She says her landlord told her when he tried to take off in his car, the crooks pulled out a gun and shot at him, hitting his car.

      I just talked to him and he said that he has 2 bullet holes in his car, said Thomas.

      She says she is worried for her many elderly neighbors and her family.

      I don TMt feel safe. I didn't get sleep at all last night. You can TMt even trust people walking down your street. You have to look out before you come out your front door.

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