Thieves steal air conditioning unit from Flint fire station

Fire station eight is heating up after thieves stole an air conditioning unit.

City officials declining on-camera comment Friday but say it happened earlier this week.

â??This is to protect your air conditioning unit,â?? says Willie Franklin standing next to an air conditioning security cage.

The security salesman says the theft of air conditioners is on the rise in Flint.

â??The crime in the city of Flint is steady rising and it's reflected in our business and our sales,â?? says Franklin.

He would know. Heâ??s been selling security cages for 30 years on Flint's north side.

Weâ??ve been securing a lot of units for churches and it appears to be getting worse,â?? says Franklin.

Just last month, someone stole a five-ton air conditioning unit from Flint's Upper Room Church.

Franklin says thieves are looking for cooper and wiring--hoping to scrap the parts.

â??It just basically came on the scene in the last three or four years and it's now beginning to pick up,â?? says Franklin.

Back at station number eight, city officials say they're replacing the unit soon and thinking about securing the unit next time.