Thieves target unlocked cars, packages over the holidays

Authorities say to put packages in the trunk of your car.

The holidays; a time to send cheer and packages.

Lots of packages.

"The volume we're doing is almost double," said FedEx delivery driver, Rick Causley.

Americans mailing and shipping billions of pieces leading up to Christmas but there are some grinches out to spoil your holiday fun.

"This is the time of year criminals are going to be very opportunistic," said Saginaw Sheriff William Federspiel.

Sheriff Federspiel says parking lots packed with gift-toting cars are a prime target.

"If you leave packages on your front seat and your door is unlocked there's a good chance it could be stolen," said Sheriff Federspiel.

But he says it doesn't have to be.

"Keep your packages in the trunk."

Meantime, as hundreds of delivery trucks make their rounds the cardboard boxes on your front porch are also attractive to thieves.

FedEx drivers offer some tips.

"Leave a security box if you have a tote you can leave outside your door that can be locked it's safer," said Causley.

"Track your packages make sure you're there or have somebody there to pick that package up," said Sheriff Federspiel.

You can also communicate with UPS, FedEx or the United States Postal Service.

"Could call and ask for package to be left at location at residence that you know is safe and secure," said Flint postmaster, Ron Hippenstell.

The postmaster also advises against mailing cash.

Instead, opt for a check or money order as a gift