Thousands board Bay City Tall Ships

Day two of the Tall Ships Celebration is taking place in downtown Bay City Friday.

Friday was the first day people have been permitted to get on board.

Thousands of people walking through the boats.

The Dennis Sullivan saw 2,088 spectators on-board the ship Friday.

The ten ships arrived in Bay City Wednesday docking along the Saginaw River until Sunday.

Many people traveled from Mid-Michigan others traveling quite a distance to take in the sites.

Pat Sheridan is from Dublin, Ireland and is playing with his band until Sunday.

"We travel all around the world to see at Tall Ship festivals and to see at shanty festivals. and we just love it," said Sheridan.

Taniasia Stephens of Cleveland is a part of the crew for the Sorlandet.

"We learned tall ship life basically what they do every day. Coiling, all types of things," said Stephens.

The celebration is also bringing a boost to the local economy.

Friday, members of the House Tourism committee took a tour of the ships.

State Representative Mark Brunner set up the tour so his colleagues can experience all the Great Lakes Bay Region has to offer.

Committee members said tourism in Michigan is experiencing good economic growth since the advent of the Pure Michigan campaign.

"The dollars that come in from here are huge, ah, boost to the local economy but not just to that, every time something is purchased here there's sale tax on that and the sales tax dollars go to help our k-12 school systems, our local government's, our hospitals- this is a great growth for Michigan," said Rep. Peter Petallia (R-Presque Isle.)

This year the campaign is focusing on the UK, Germany and Ontario travelers and hopes to draw more foreign visitors to the Great Lakes state.