Thousands flock to Frankenmuth for Oktoberfest

Bratwurst, beer and German traditions---Oktoberfest in little Bavaria is wrapping up after a successful weekend.

Visitors to little Bavaria are already ushering in autumn with a German tradition. There's something for everyone at Frankenmuthâ??s Oktoberfest.

Thereâ??s plenty of food to go around.

â??Weâ??ve been busy all weekend,â?? says Tim Sullivan. His catering company served thousands during the festival weekend.

There was also polka dancing and of course, beer

â??Drinking beer when Iâ??m all done working,â?? says Sullivan, when asked what his favorite part of the weekend is.

â??Itâ??s just fun. A bunch of people just getting together and dancing, sharing good times and eating a lot and having fun,â?? says Frank Brettschneider of Port Huron.

Behind the scenes, it's hard work feeding all these people.

â??Itâ??s been real, real busy,â?? says Sullivan. â??We had a really busy night, Friday and Saturday,â?? he adds.

But Sullivan says itâ??s great for business.

â??They (festivals) just bring in a lot of people into town,â?? says Sullivan. â??It's good for the hotels, for the restaurant, for the promoters. So the festivals are real, real good business,â?? he adds.

Itâ??s also a guaranteed good time for the festival-goers.