Thousands get dirty for the Warrior Dash

Dust off your Viking helmet. Better yet, keep the dust, you'll fit right in.

Thousands of people came to the Genesee County Fairgrounds site off Mt. Morris Road, for the areas 2nd Warrior Dash on Saturday. Twenty-five-thousand participants have registered for the 5k event.

The Warrior Dash is a nationwide series of races that feature an obstacle course, live music and a whole lot of mud.

The man in charge is Alex Yount of Chicago. He's the race director and the "foreman of festivities". Yount said, safety is their top priority so medical staff will be at every obstacle. This follows reports that a participant in last year's Warrior Dash in Genesee Township was badly hurt. MLive reports James Sa, a Hope College Junior, was paralyzed after competing in last years event, landing the wrong way while diving into a mud pit.

Yount said, most of the participants are "thirtysomethings" with half men and half women. Most are educated and want to "hang out with friends to be like a kid for a day then celebrate like an adult". He urges participants to bring cash and a pair of disposable shoes.

The head of the Genesee County Parks, Amy McMillan said, the Warrior Dash has raised about $2.5 million.

Warrior Dash has a big Facebook/Twitter presence, as does the Genesee County parks. Both will post lots of pictures of participants.