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      Three cat limit proposed in Bay City

      Jeannie Wolicki-Nichols loves her cats. She can't imagine being limited to just three.

      ??That is absolutely absurd to me,?? Wolicki-Nicols, the president of Bay County??s Humane Society. She strongly opposes a new cat limit ordinance.

      ??I don't think a community could do that to people that love their animals," says Wolicki-Nichols.

      But city leaders say Bay City is teeming with stray cats and something needs to be done.

      ??It really comes down to nuisance issues versus number of cats. Yes, a large number of cats we all know can create problems if not properly cared for,?? says Christopher Girard, a city commissioner.

      Wolicki-Nichols says the ordinance punishes responsible pet owners.

      ??I don't believe there should be a number,?? says Wolicki-Nichols. ??I believe it should be based on what the issues are..

      Commissioner Girard agrees. He??s not convinced a three cat limit will stop the problem but says the city needs to do something.

      ??(To) just put a hard number at it, I think is not appropriate,?? says Girard. "I think we need to deal with the nuisance related issues."

      ??If we limit the amount of animals that a person can have, we're adding to the number that are looking for homes,?? says Wolicki-Nichols.

      City commissioners will vote on the new ordinance on Monday at 7:30.