Three forced into prostitution for drug money

Lisa Reynolds

Officials have arrested and charged two men and a woman for forcing three others into prostitution to pay off their drug debts in Genesee County.

Officials said the victims in this case were threatened with an AR-15 and forced into prostitution.

"He punched one woman. Closed-fist-punched her so hard and boasted, 'I hit her like a man,'" said Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell.

Police said the three victims, all heroin addicts, owed 24-year-old Ewan Scott money for drugs.

To get his money back, he forced the two women and man into prostitution listing their services on a page similar to Craigslist.

"He told them they were going to work until Backpage paid it off for them," said Sheriff Pickell.

After three days of being held captive and forced to perform sex acts at the Hemphill Inn, the victims escaped on July 25.

"To take people at gunpoint and force them to prostitute it's a vile act," said Sheriff Pickell.

Officials have also charged 37-year-old Lisa Reynolds and her son 18-year-old Tyler Childs.

Police said they lived along Proper Street in Burton where Childs also kept his six month-old baby.

Prostitution was also occurring at the residence.

William Dumas lives down the street and witnessed the police investigation.

"I noticed one of the cops holding a baby up on their porch," he said.

Sheriff Pickell said the child has been removed from the family.

"We notified Child Protective Services."

Sheriff Pickell said that drugs are a community-wide issue.

This case ending better than most.

"I'm confident this guy would have killed them had they not complied with him."

Scott is charged with 11 counts total including human trafficking, prostitution/accepting earnings, unlawful imprisonment among other charges. He's being held in the Genesee County Jail on $1,300,000 bond.

Reynolds is charged with prostitution/keeping house of, prostitution/accepting earnings among other charges and is being held on $265,000.

Childs is charged with several drug charges, child abuse and knowingly allowing a child to reside in a house of prostitution. He is being held on $60,000.