Three officers involved in Milton Hall shooting to be disciplined

City leaders say the officers have been disciplined for violating the department's mobile videotaping policy and lack of command and control during the Milton Hall incident.

Saginaw city officials state that their internal investigations by the administrative review task force prove no wrong-doing by Saginaw Police when responding to the scene.

What it does show is what acting police chief Brian Lipe calls a lack of command and control by the scene supervisor when Milton Hall was shot. The scene-commander, whose name is not being released, was demoted to patrolman on Thursday.

The findings also reveal two officers violated the department's mobile videotaping policy that requires officers to turn on in-car audio systems when responding to a scene. Both officers received written reprimands.

Chief Lipe told community members the department is working to improve.

"I want to assure everyone our policies, procedures, tactics, equipment and training are under continuous review to improve service and delivery" says Chief Lipe.

Community members who showed up were not happy with the outcome.

Some wanting more to be done to improve relations between the community and law enforcement.

"This has set us back. I want to know and hear from you that we will continue to have monthly meetings," says community member Saleem Mannan.

Mayor Greg Branch assured residents justice has been served in this case.

"There are some people who feel the discipline of these three officers is not justice but it is the extent of justice that is within the laws applicable to this venue," says Mayor Branch.

For safety reasons, officials are not releasing the names of the officers.