Three people shot in five hours in Flint

The shooting started after 9:00PM Sunday on Providence Street in the city's southest side.

Officers say it happened in the basement.

Someone shot a man, killing him, and the suspect is still on the loose.

Five hours later, 43-year-old Michael Hoadley and Shelly Swayze showed up at a Sunoco gas station on Dort Highway, north of Richfield Road in the city's northeast side. Both had been shot.

Neighbor Mike Jando says, "I don't try to go out here on the east side at night time because there's always somebody getting shot somewhere over here."

In the Sunoco incident, the two suspected shooters are in their teens.

Police say they're both 17 to 19 years old with slim builds.

Neighbor Gary Miles has live there for 42-years. He says, "I think part of the problem is the parents. This used to be a real good area this east side." Miles says it's been the worst in the last 10-years and thoughts of losing 19-additional officers is not sitting well.

"It's really dangerous over here. Ain't no cops over here really at all. I won't want to go outside at all soon," says Jando.

Flint Police are encouraging those with information to call the police department or crimestoppers in order to get these shooters in custody.