Through the Michigan Corps Flint entrepreneurs are getting loans

Michigan Corps is putting the spotlight on flint entrepreneurs showing off businesses or ideas to the world for individual loans.

Kiva is a pilot program where people can browse profiles and stories of current and hopeful local business owners and select who they want to support. Kiva's expansion to flint is opening the door for new possibilities 25 dollars at a time.

"This platform is unique in that it is a direct peer to peer transfer of dollars without any additional costs to the borrower, said Michigan Corps Executive Director Elizabeth Garlow.

Kristie Johnson is rejoicing for zero percent interest up to 5 thousand dollars to grow her business.

"I have an adult day care center and on individual is in a walker," said Kristieâ??s Care Owner Kristie Johnson.

Traditional bank loans previously offered Johnson a way to get what she needs.

"thatâ??s one thing I need, a handicap ramp in order for them to get into the house," said Johnson.

But interest would compile creating a financial burden. Through the Michigan Corps and Kiva flint they hope lenders from across the world will get involved 25 dollars at a time.

"What we want to do is create easy opportunities for those individuals to come together and advance the economy in Michigan and support budding entrepreneurship to support social innovation," said Garlow.

And get small business owners what they need to get to the next level of service. Like Johnsonâ??s handicap ramp.

"They just launched my website and last night i already have people donate money into the fund," said Johnson.

You can make donations and learn about flint entrepreneurs at