Ticket company sues Chesaning Showboat Music Festival

A week after the Chesaning Showboat Music Festival was abruptly cancelled a company is suing festival organizers and accusing them of breaching their contract.

The lawsuit comes while many people are still waiting for more answers about ticket refunds.

Ticket sales company Star Tickets filed a civil suit in Saginaw County July 23 alleging Chesaning Showboat Music Festival, Chesaning Showboat, Inc. and festival committee chairman, Scott Hewitt, breached the contract signed back in March.

The lawsuit states Star Tickets paid Chesaning Showboat more than $50,000 in â??pre-settlementsâ?? before the event.

When the festival was cancelled on July 15, those pre-settlements were not paid back in full, as the contract agreement states.

The lawsuit claims Chesaning Showboat refused to repay the pre-settlement amount.

NBC25 reached out to both the attorneys of Star Tickets and festival chairman Scott Hewitt, but have not heard back from either party.

Hewitt said the committee has hired a lawyer. Legal counsel and accountants are reviewing repayment options but have not released any further information.

Last week Hewitt said slow ticket sales were the biggest factor in the cancellation of the music festival. He has not said whether ticket refunds will be available.