Tighter school budgets mean longer school supply lists

Mid-Michigan stores are stocked up on school supplies for the beginning of the school year.

Many school districts are facing financial struggles and parents are being asked to buy more classroom supplies.

Each additional item on the list means a bigger slice out of their budget.

Beecher Community Schools started class last week, since the district is a year-round program with a six week summer break. Lisa Walker has a son in high school and says she is noticing more requested supplies.

"It seemed like when he was in elementary they gave notebooks and stuff to them, folders, the teachers provided that, and now we have to provide it," said Walker.

Superintendent Josha Talison says tighter school budgets means passing on more costs to parents.

"Even as a parent myself. We have lists you know, can you bring paper towel or kleenex or stuff like that, just for basic classroom supplies and things of that nature, so it's harder now. It's harder,â?? said Talison.

The district does provide supplies for students in financial need by working with local churches and donors and teachers often pay for a lot of supplies with their own money.