Timeline of torture: 4-yr-old died after days of abuse

At a press conference Thursday investigators revealed a detailed timeline of the abuse a 4-year-old Argentine Township boy endured before he lost his life.

Thursday, April 8:

Police say the nightmare started Thursday, April 8 as Dominick Calhoun ate breakfast. He had an accident and wet himself on a sofa.

Investigators allege 24-year-old Brandon Joshua Frederick Hayes flew into a rage and beat his girlfriend TMs child.

When his girlfriend Corrine Baker arrived home Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell says the man then beat her.

As he beat her he was yelling, ~Who is going to pay for this? TM referring to the sofa, says Pickell.

Friday, April 9:

Investigators say Hayes was still angry the next day, and wanted to teach the little boy a lesson.

He hit and kicked the 4-year-old in the head and genitalia to punish him for the accident.

He said he was tired of raising a little crack addict, and that Dominick deserved to die, says Sheriff Pickell.

Investigators say Baker tried to protect her son, and covered his body with her own. She then was also beaten.

Saturday, April 10:

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell says Hayes dragged an unresponsive Dominick out of bed by his arm.

Investigators believe the boy was unconscious as Hayes continued to beat him throughout the day.

He even took his fingers, and pushed in on the boy TMs eyes, says Pickell.

Dominick now had suffered injuries to his entire body.

Sunday, April 11:

Baker TMs underage sister came to the apartment to buy drugs in the morning, and saw the battered 4-year-old and his mother.

She called Dominick TMs paternal grandfather for help. Dominick TMs grandfather contacted police who responded to the scene.

When police arrived Dominick was lying in bed unconscious and moaning, wearing only a pull-up and a t-shirt. He appeared near death.

A sheriff TMs paramedic rushed the child to Hurley Medical Center where doctors tried to bring down swelling on his brain by operating on his skull. They pronounced him brain dead Sunday evening, but put him on life support.

Monday, April 12:

Family members took 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun off life support. Doctors pronounced him dead at 11:02 a.m..